Sterling silver necklaces, bracelets and belt buckles that can be monogrammed.

Silver and gold prices have hit an all time high in recent weeks and that, of course, affects our pricing with these heavy silver pieces. We hate it as much as you do--or more! Hopefully the market will even out soon.. IN THE MEANTIME, PLEASE CALL US AT 800-584-0913 FOR CURRENT PRICING.

Manuel, our beloved 87 year old engraver for the last 22 years, has retired. Not by choice, unfortunately. He had a little stroke and is recovering nicely, but will not be steady enough to engrave anymore. We will miss him dearly because he was part of our family.
We do have a new wonderful engraver that is now doing our work. His name is John and he does simply beautiful work. I have included a picture of the mono-cuff bracelet to show his style. It is more linear and flowing than Manuel's, with a more vintage look. Our customers are very pleased, as are we.
His prices are a little higher, but still very reasonable for hand engraving---so be sure to call or email for a quote.